From College Student To Self-Employed: 4 Skills You Already Have For Success 

college students at tablesFrom SayCampusLife, Krayton M.Davis discusses the skills that college students have that are valuable if they choose to become self-employed workers.  Krayton writes:

Time Management

There are several crucial skills that any self-employed person must possess and chief among them is time management. In college you are juggling classes, homework, your social life, and a hundred other things. It’s easy to get off balance. But those that succeed in college know just how important maintaining that balance is when it comes to maintaining your grades and sanity.

The same applies to those that work for themselves. There are no parents or boss telling you what you have to do and the balance of work and life is completely in your hands. Distractions abound just as they did in college and it is your responsibility to know when to focus and when to take a break. This includes making time for self-care so that your mental, emotional, and physical needs are being met and balanced along with your time. So the four years you spent wildly trying to manage a jam packed calendar will make self-employment a breeze.


Nobody learns about self-motivation as fast as a freshman in college. Few things hurl you into the world of every man for himself like that first year away from home. You have to learn to get out of bed on time without your parents, to manage your time and actually study, and to eat something other than pizza before you end up in a state of unhealthy misery. For some this is a natural skill and for others it takes time and mistakes in order to master.

Either way, learning to self-motivate is a crucial skill for the self-employed. They have to chase down new opportunities, maintain current relationships, and get out of bed everyday and go to work even if that means walking across the hall to their spare bedroom turned office. And, just like in college, the person that suffers the most when the work doesn’t get done is you. After four years or more of motivating yourself to go to class, studying when you’d rather be sleeping or doing literally anything else, and simply getting out of bed in order to get to class on time- you are a self-motivating pro. You’ve got this.

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