Colorado to investigate construction worker misclassification 

construction workers

From Construction Dive, Kim Slowey reports that Colorado Governor has established a task force to investigate misclassification of workers as independent contractors in the construction industry. Kim writes:

  • Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, through an executive order, has created a task force that will investigate and find ways to combat the misclassification of construction-industry employees as independent contractors, which leads to other acts of payroll fraud like nonpayment of payroll taxes, unemployment tax and workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

  • The task force includes representatives from groups like the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Associated General Contractors of Colorado and the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters. The task force will attempt to improve how state and other relevant agencies investigate and share information about alleged cases of misclassification; make filing complaints easier; educate employers as to the difference between independent contractors and employees; and increase public awareness about the negative effects of misclassification.

  • According to the governor, misclassified employees are hurt by this practice, and construction companies that follow the rules are being “undercut” by those companies and labor brokers that misclassify employees in an effort to lower their cost of doing business. The task force will report to the governor annually about its efforts and successes and make recommendations for administrative, regulatory or legislative changes it considers necessary.

Read the full story at  Colorado to investigate construction worker misclassification | Construction Dive

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