Drivers’ court action wins US$30 million in XPO misclassification settlement

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The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) reports that XPO Logistics is about to pay $30 million to workers who were misclassified:

XPO Logistics is to pay a group of drivers US$30 million after it wrongly classified them as contractor companies rather than employees.

A California federal court has approved settlements by the firm after workers brought class actions. This type of misclassification is widely used by XPO but is illegal under Californian law.

“It is a triumph for these drivers,” said Stephen Cotton, General Secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF). “It shows workers united can fight back against XPO’s brutal underhand cost-cutting tactics. It gives hope to XPO workers all round the world that they too can get a fair deal if they stand together.”

Settlement will be paid to each of the 784 current and former California port drivers part of their class-action lawsuit victory. These allege that they were willfully misclassified, left unreimbursed for truck costs and received less than minimum wage. A California federal judge granted preliminary approval of two settlements, one between XPO Cartage and its drivers; the other between XPO Port Services and its drivers.


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