EV Taxi Startup Revel to Lay Off Employee Drivers for Independent Contractors 

From Bloomberg, reports that a New York ride share company, Revel, will be changing its model from having employee drivers to engaging with independent contractor drivers. Natalie writes:

Revel Transit Inc., the New York-based electric vehicle ride-hailing startup, plans to lay off its driver employees and operate a gig-work model more akin to rivals Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. Drivers affected by the change will have the option of staying on with the company as independent contractors.

The change “came in response to an overwhelming majority of drivers asking for more flexibility, which is standard in the industry,” Keith Williams, vice president of rideshare operations, said in the email. This included “offering drivers more control over where and when they drive, the ability to take breaks when and for how long they want, and for more lucrative bonuses that are easier to achieve.”

Read the full story at EV Taxi Startup Revel to Lay Off Drivers for Uber-Like Gig Model – Bloomberg or EV Taxi Startup Revel to Lay Off Drivers for Uber-Like Gig Model

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