Five Lies About Self-Employment Most People Believe 

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From Forbes, Liz Ryan shares five myths about self employment.  Liz discusses each of the “lies” after she lists them:

Self-Employment Lies

1. Only people with very specific and in-demand technical or professional skills can make a living working for themselves.

2. Consultants and other self-employed people have a tough way to go because their work is so sporadic.

3. It’s safer to stick to salaried employment than to strike out on my own.

4. Self-employed people have to pay for their own health insurance (in the U.S.) and it’s very expensive.

5. When you’re self-employed, it’s feast or famine. There’s no middle ground.

Let’s break these lies down and demolish them one by one.

Read the rest of the story at Five Lies About Self-Employment Most People Believe – Forbes

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