A freelance survival guide 

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From the Chicago Tribune, Nicholas Cole offers his recommendations for how to survive and succeed as a freelancer.  Nicholas writes:

1. Create a daily schedule — and stick to it

One of the first challenges you will run into as a freelancer is understanding the art of time management. You might not be showing up at a traditional office, but you should still have it in your mind what time you start work in the morning and what time your day ends.

There reason is threefold: First, a daily rhythm will keep you focused and accountable. Second, you need something to get you out of bed in the morning (otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time lounging around). Third, you need to know when your day is done, otherwise work life and normal life will blend together in a bad way. Know when to shut off your computer for the day.

2. Review your to-do list every morning

Great advice for productivity in general, but a law to live by as a freelancer. As soon as you sit down to begin that day’s work, review your list. Cross off items you accomplished yesterday, and if necessary, make a new list for what you want to absolutely get done today.

At the end of each week, you’ll want to recap all the things you did and create a new master list for the week to come. Otherwise, important e-mails and tiny deliverables will fall through the cracks.

3. Do your most difficult tasks first

If you wait too long to tackle the big projects, they will either be delayed or completed half-heartedly — a death sentence for your business.

Hit the pavement hard by doing your big ticket items first. You’ll feel so much better crossing those off your list anyway. Then move on to the smaller, more tedious items.

Read the full story at A freelance survival guide – Chicago Tribune

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