The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups And Enterprises Need To Pay Attention 

working at a laptop with coffeeFrom TechCruch, John Rampton says that both startups and enterprises can benefit from hiring freelancers.  John writes:

Freelancers Bring A Lot To The Table

For business owners like myself, especially startups, freelancers offer a wide range of benefits that most full-time employees don’t. For starters, freelancers understand the everyday tasks and challenges that business owners face. They’re at least somewhat familiar with everything from bookkeeping, billing, branding, marketing and engaging an audience on social media. Because freelancers are their own bosses, they’re completely aware of these tasks and how important they are for the success of a business.

Unlike a recent graduate who probably has never had to be concerned with paying taxes, sending invoices or building and maintaining a brand, it is almost a guarantee that freelancers already have this type of experience.

A freelancer may be able to assist you in these areas as you’re launching your business. Even if you’re established, at least they are cognizant and respectful of these duties. For example, they won’t harm your brand by going on a social media tangent that offends your customers.

Another perk of hiring freelancers is that they are experts in their respective fields. They have years of experience, a portfolio and referrals to back-up their work. Even if they are young (which many are), they still are the best at what they do. Instead of just looking at a resume, you can dissect real-world examples of their work prior to bringing them on-board.

Whether it’s a copywriter, graphic designer, CPA, customer service rep or social media strategist, freelancers are seasoned pros within their niche and are ready to dive into the projects that you assign them. Best of all? You can search for the best talent from anywhere in the world, thanks to technology that allows freelancers to work remotely.

Finally, freelancers can help reduce costs. No matter the size of your business, the bottom line is always a concern. Freelancers can be a more affordable option than hiring a full-time employee. Remember, most freelancers work from home; you don’t have to train them; they’ll generally accept projects cheaper than salaried employees; and you don’t have to worry about taxes or retirement plans.

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