Freelancers Union Wants to Be Your HR Department


From Businessweek — 

Beginning this fall, [Freelancers Union] will help members in all 50 states buy health insurance. It will also use the collective purchasing power of its 233,000 members to negotiate better deals on other benefits, including retirement plans and dental, disability, liability, and life insurance, Freelancer Union executive director Sara Horowitz said in an announcement at the Clinton Global Initiative America conference in Denver today.

When corporate professionals get hired as employees, they routinely get a thick folder from HR detailing just those kind of benefits. Patching together retirement plans and ancillary benefits is harder for gig workers. Freelancers Union already offers at least some of those services in many states, but the new initiative represents a more comprehensive effort to reach a national audience. Currently, more than 60 percent of Freelancers Union’s members reside in New York.”

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