Freelancing is feminist

From the Freelancers Union – Kate Hamill writes “Freelancing (and its sister path, entrepreneurship) allows women to take their own power, and shape their own careers. It inherently builds self-reliance and autonomy.  It encourages you to build skill sets that make you competitive with any peer – be they man or woman.

Freelancing can free you from traditional, male-dominated power structures – or at least empower you to enact change within those structures, and to leave abusive situations. It often gives you the confidence to create strong boundaries; nothing feels better than cutting off a client who calls you “sweetheart” or continually underestimates you.

By necessity, freelancing has the potential to unravel societal tendencies to undervalue women’s work. If you are setting your own prices and rates, you are given a powerful incentive to realize your own value.

Freelancing and entrepreneurship teaches you that YOU are powerful, by yourself…”

Read the full story at Freelancing is feminist – Freelancers Union.

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