Why Freelancing Is Perfect for Introverts

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From Entrepreneur, John Rampton shares his thoughts on why freelancing is a good fit for introverts.  John writes:

Social media is empowering introverts.

Technology and social media have now given introverts a major edge when promoting and marketing their services since it fits their communication style. Introverts can now select when and where they want to communicate online. For example, if you’re more of a succinct communicator then Twitter could be your preferred social media channel. If you’re focused on only networking professionally, then you would use LinkedIn. If you don’t mind sharing more personal information, then make use of Facebook.

No wonder Adam Rifkin, an introverted computer engineer, was named as the best networker in Silicon Valley in 2011. Social media gave him a platform to effectively network based on his personality.

According to Adam, “Look for opportunities to do something for the other person, such as sharing knowledge or offering an introduction to someone that person might not know but would be interested in knowing. Do not be transactional about networking. Do not offer something because you want something in return. Instead, show a genuine interest in something you and the other person have in common.”

Freelancing allows introverts to control their career.

Finally, freelancing allows introverts to pave their own career paths in a way that aligns and embraces their introversion. As a freelancer, you get to work wherever you like, schedule your own hours, and accept gigs from the clients or projects that interest you. And, in most cases, when you do have met with a client, theses are typically one-on-one meetings and not a large conference room setting.

Introverts can promote and market themselves painlessly.

Even though you’re a talented freelancer, one of the most important aspects of this type of work is promoting and marketing your services. This may make introverts a little uneasy, but it’s a necessity.

There are ways that introverts can effectively promote and market themselves painlessly.

Change your words. If you’re really bothered by self-promotion and marketing, then change your marketing terms. Instead of ‘building a list,’ it’s ‘building a community’ and ‘networking’ becomes connecting with fellow freelancers who can support each other.

Choose the right setting. Instead of meeting a prospective at a conference or noisy bar, meet them in more intimate and quiet settings like a cafe or dinner.

Use online networking to your advantage. As mentioned above, social media allows you to select the right channel to network with others in a more one-on-one setting.

Let your website do the talking. Your website should contain a portfolio, description of services you provide, experience, and how you can help clients solve a problem.

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