How the Gig Economy Enables People to Focus on Passions

blonde woman at laptop in front of windowFrom Torchlite Marketing, Susan Marshall writes about how the gig economy allows people to do what they love and how important that is.  She writes:

Fiverr says (@Fiverr) that, “For most Americans, passion is something that is missing from their day-to-day job. Many people feel uninspired and, frankly, drained by their daily jobs. In fact, a study from last year suggests 48 percent of workers don’t even like their jobs. Because of this, many people are making money or supplementing their income by doing jobs that they love.”

What’s better than doing what you love? Working for yourself, building your own brand, calculating your own rates, AND doing what you love – all at once. The gig economy allows freelancers to focus on doing what they love and what they’re good at, rather than focusing broadly on a lot of skills that they may not have fully developed.

The gig economy is founded on the idea that you should turn your particular talents or passions into a source of income. When it comes to work and talents, many people automatically think of the most standard talents that a large company would find appealing: proficiency in computers, experience managing a team, a knack for a certain kind of complicated software.

A recent article posted on Fiverr, one of the top sites for freelance work, read “Perhaps the biggest benefit of living the Gig Economy Lifestyle is the ability to follow a passion. This passion is only thing separating the Gig Economy Lifestyle from regular freelancing. The Gig Economy is all about taking some talent or pleasure you have—design, singing, gardening—and turning it into a source of income.”

Read the full story at How the Gig Economy Enables People to Focus on Passions

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