The Gig Economy: Your Ticket To Sourcing Top Talent

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From Forbes, Liesa Taylor offers great advice on how to take advantage of top talent that is available in the gig economy.  She recommends learning more about the gig economy, determine how you can benefit from the gig economy, and then, before taking full advantage of the gig economy, prepare to use freelancers in a compliant way.  Liesa writes:

The third step is to prepare your organization to effectively use freelance labor.

There are several aspects to consider, ranging from the pragmatic (budgeting) to the emotional (organizational culture).

• Many organizations establish different financial controls for regular employees and freelance labor. This prevents easy and meaningful trade-offs and is a barrier you need to remove.

• Work with your legal department to develop an approach to managing freelancers that ensures compliance and preserves two of the key benefits of freelance labor: speed and flexibility. This means striking a commonsense balance between myriad regulations governing contract workers and how you might prefer to do it.

• Use the same good management practices with your freelance talent you do with your internal talent. Freelancers have the same engagement needs as regular employees (purposeful work, clear objectives, recognition and respect).

• Consider how you will build and maintain company culture when freelancers are moving in and out of the organization. This is best accomplished by adopting a partner mindset vs. a vendor mindset.

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