Global sharing economy revenue to triple by 2020, report says

revenue from sharing economy platform providers


Staffing Industry Analysts discusses a Juniper Research report that shows the revenue from sharing economy platform providers increasing significantly.  SIA reports:

While a number of industries have already been affected by the sharing economy, other core markets will see significant disruption over the next few years, according to Juniper. For example, providers of shared personal services such as TaskRabbit, Airtasker and the Japanese platform Anytimes will see their time-saving solutions prove popular with consumers striving to maintain a healthy “work-life balance.”

Juniper also believes that a number of smaller and emerging shared economy industries are primed for significant growth over the coming 10 years, namely the shared delivery and manufacturing sectors, and reports it has already witnessed large players in both the technology industry, and the shared economy itself, branching into these emerging sectors.

Shared manufacturing is one such emerging industry backed by major players, with significant scope for growth and development, according to Juniper.

“GM already operates its FirstBuild platform, utilizing the concept of collaborative innovation, with a number of projects already completed and shipped to consumers,” said research author Lauren Foye. “Other providers, such as TechShop, enable access to technologically advanced workshops, reducing the production times for prototypes and concepts, whilst aiding in the scaling-up of production projects designed by young start-up businesses.”

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