Hearst settles independent contractor rights class action for nearly $1 million

From Courthouse News Service, reports that Hearst settled misclassication claims by newspaper delivery contractors. Natalie writes:

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — Hearst won a federal judge’s approval Thursday to pay $1 million to settle a class action claiming the news giant broke California laws and exploited contractors.

The class action first filed by independent contractors Yolanda and Pablo Sanchez and Monica Tejada in 2020 originally demanded a jury trial. Plaintiffs said Hearst violated multiple state labor laws including failing to compensate contractors with minimum wage and overtime pay, reimbursement for business expenses or providing meal and rest breaks.

Hearst is the largest distributor of print news subscription products in Northern California, and the contractors say home newspaper delivery to subscribers is a major piece of the company’s enterprise. Plaintiffs say despite being independent contractors, Hearst demanded additional services outside of their contracts and specified delivery hours.

After years spent in litigation, this past December U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria granted preliminary approval of the $950,000 settlement on behalf of the plaintiffs and 56 class members.

In court Thursday, Chhabria granted final approval of the settlement and the motion for attorney’s fees.

Read the full story at  Hearst settles independent contractor rights class action for nearly $1 million | Courthouse News Service

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