Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

From Business News Daily —

Today’s hiring climate is going through a major shift, one in which increased competition will lead a growing number of businesses to invest in freelance talent, predicts The Plato Group, an outsourced sales and marketing firm that provides opportunities and training for freelancers. This “freelance revolution” will be the driving force in the emerging freelance economy, where more and more businesses will be hiring from the freelance marketplace over the next few years, the company points out…

Study after study has shown that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well amongst freelancers, and many more are increasingly leaving full-time jobs to take the plunge, The Plato Group revealed. Research has also shown that one-third of Americans — roughly 42 million — are freelancers, with experts forecasting freelancers to make up 50 percent of the full-time workforce by 2020.

Read the full story at Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense for Small Businesses.

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