Hiring Remote Freelancers: What You Need to Know 

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From the Allstate BlogMaria De Jesus offers her recommendations for hiring remote freelancers including start by hiring the right person.  Maria writes: 

 1. Hire the Right Person

There are plenty of websites that showcase great freelancers and serve as posting boards for gigs. Some cover many different specialties; others focus on particular areas, such as writing, graphic design or website development. There are plenty of online sources that compile helpful lists of these websites.

Writing at Entrepreneur, Stephen Key advises businesses to choose freelancers wisely, however. “After you’ve identified several freelancers that possess the skills you need, look at their portfolios closely,” he says. Freelance websites often display examples of the freelancer’s past work. If they’re not publicly available, ask to see examples of previous work, and client testimonials or references.

Many sites also show reviews. Quality freelancers should have generally positive reviews. But even great freelancers may not get perfect reviews—not every customer can be perfectly happy all the time. Also, freelancers who have stellar reviews and are highly featured on websites can be extremely busy.

In choosing a freelancer, budget may be critical for small business. As with any work, however, paying bargain-basement rates can cost you more in the long run, if the freelancer isn’t up to the job.

Finally, don’t be afraid to make a word-of-mouth hire. If someone you know has used a remote freelancer and you need help with a similar project, ask if they’d recommend that person.

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