How to Avoid Legal Disasters at Your Side Hustle

These days a side job is easier than ever to get started. There are a variety of ways to pull in additional income through the gig economy.  Crafters can use virtual markets to turn their hobby into a small business. There are numerous sites for freelancers to find work. The possibilities seem endless. These side hustles are also a great way to earn extra cash and test the waters for a new career path. It’s no wonder they’ve grown so much in popularity

Getting started on a side hustle might be easy but it’s important to consider legal factors. The employment contract at your primary job might have stipulations about doing similar work on the side. There are tax savings you might be missing out on if you aren’t filing your side income correctly. Plus, each type of job, from blogging to dog walking, has its own considerations. To protect yourself from lawsuits, fines and other legal issues, you need to know what might impact you.
For information on what steps you can take to keep on the right side of the law, check out the infographic from Lexington Law:

Side Hustling on the Right Side of the Law

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