How to Become a Successful Independent Contractor

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From Constant Contact Blogs, Dave Anderson talks about how to become a successful independent contractor.  He writes:

“Being an independent contractor clearly has plenty of appeal. But there is a lot of uncertainty, too. A consistent paycheck isn’t guaranteed, so maintaining a consistent flow of work is a must. If you’re considering giving it a try, here are a few tips that can set you up for success:

  • Plan what you’ll earn — You should already have some idea what your skills are worth, but a site like Upwork (formerly oDesk/Elance) can give you a more specific idea about the freelance market.
  • Get your business set up — Determine your legal structure, register with your state, and consider getting business insurance.
  • Look for work everywhere — Scour all the freelance websites, use social media, and hand out business cards to everyone you know. You never know where a big job could come from.
  • Use cloud technology to help you — Once you’re taking on projects, cloud tools like online document storage, accounting software, and a project management system can make your life easier….”

Read the full story at How to Become a Successful Independent Contractor

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