How to Survive Life as a Freelancer

While freelancing offers enormous freedom, it’s not without its own difficulties. While many freelancers love the flexibility of their schedules, it can make working regular hours and receiving regular income difficult. While they get the opportunity to work on what interests them most, they may also have difficult clients that they must negotiate with directly. Everyone’s experience working for themselves will be different — and that’s part of the beauty if it.

There are a few tools and skills you can take along with you on your freelance journey. To help ensure you aren’t working around the clock, it’s important to set boundaries to your working hours, and have a clearly defined space in your home or a coworking office. While you may feel you need to work all the time to grow your client base, taking a break will help you work more efficiently and avoid burnout.

In addition, freelancers can expect to encounter higher expenses that may surprise you. Health coverage and taxes will become more expensive without an employer’s subsidy, so it’s important to take these into account. It can be very helpful to have a savings fund on hand for these expenses, or simply to get you through slower months.
The journey of a freelancer won’t always be an easy one, but it is sure to be fulfilling. Check out this infographic by Fundera to learn more about the tools and skills you’ll need to navigate life as a freelancer:

Source: How to Survive Life as a Freelancer (Infographic)

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