The Independent Contractor: Who We Are  

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From It’s My Business [website no longer exists]  — Who are independent contractors?  It’s My Business tells us:

The independent contractor fills key positions in a number of important industries. We make up 88.3 percent of taxi drivers, 64 percent of financial advisors and 20 percent of emergency room doctors. Though we fill different jobs, one thing unites us all: Each independent contractor enjoys the flexibility and responsibility of running our own business.

The independent contractor plays a vital role in the U.S. economy, creating new jobs and providing services more efficiently and effectively than would be possible under a different structure, such as the employer-employee model.

Starting a business and owning your own company are essential components of the American Dream. The independent contractor model helps to make this dream a reality for millions of Americans. As a result, contractors report some of the highest levels of job satisfaction.

Read the full story at The Independent Contractor: Who We Are

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