IT consulting: Is moving out on your own the right move?

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From Network World, Rich Hein reviews the pros and cons of striking out on your own and being an independent contractor or consultant.  After discussing both sides, he suggests doing both.  This is an excellent idea and enables workers to work as an employee on some assignments and an independent consultant on others.  Rich writes:

Consider doing both

Starting your own business working as a tech consultant can seem scary, which is why the perceived security of the full-time job can seem like a great path for those who can pull off working as a consultant while not give up your day job. However, you need to be acutely aware of your contractual obligations to your full-time employer specifically around intellectual property.

Another thing to keep in mind if you go this route: You need to be sure you aren’t conducting any personal business on company time. Whether it’s phone calls, company computers or emailing from work, it’s a mistake that’s sure to bite you. “You must steadfastly avoid conflicts of interest and be very careful to be able to devote both the required time and energy to both,” Levine says.

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