Labor laws for contractors under examination in Vermont 

State of Vermont in the United States

From Vermont, Michael Bielawski reports that the Vermont legislature is considering legislation that would, among other things, clarify the definition of an independent contractor under the workers compensation and unemployment insurance statutes.  Michael writes:

Under the current classifications, some hiring entities worry they are liable for workers’ compensation or unemployment insurance, even though their hired workers are independent contractors.

One of the bills in question, S.378, proposes to establish a common definition of the term “independent contractor” for the workers’ compensation  and unemployment insurance statutes. Scheuermann and 35 other lawmakers are sponsors of the bill.

Another bill under consideration, H.773, would amend definitions related to independent contractors in unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation statutes and post the classifications at worksites.

Under H.773, the Department of Labor could enter an employer’s premises to investigate compliance with workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation statutes, and enforce stop-work orders for workers’ comp violations. The bill also clarifies requirements for debarment consultation for employers who have violated wage and hour, workers’ compensation or unemployment compensation statutes.

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