Lawmakers press ahead with Uber legislation

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From KTOO Public Media, Caroline Halter reports on an effort to bring Uber to Alaska with new legislation.  Caroline writes:

Ride-sharing company Uber left Alaska in 2015, agreeing not to return until a state law was in place that exempted the company from paying workers’ compensation insurance for its drivers.

Now, three state legislators are leading the effort to lay the groundwork for the company’s return, including a measure moving through the House and one in the Senate.

 An Uber commercial from 2016 depicted a young guy splitting his time between his regular job, occasional Uber driving and just hanging out.

But for many drivers, Uber is a full-time job.

Drivers can work up to 40 hours per week — sometimes more — without being considered a full-time employee.

It’s become a point of contention between drivers and the company in some cities, but there is still high demand for ride-sharing.

“A while ago, I’d have friends and constituents come up to say we need Uber, can you get Uber up here … So, I think there’s a demand for it,” said state Rep. Adam Wool. “I was in Seattle. I took Uber one way and a cab the other way, and there was really no comparison.”

Wool is joining state senators Mia Costello and Anna MacKinnon in an effort to bring Uber, and companies like it, back to Alaska..

Read the full story at  Lawmakers press ahead with Uber legislation

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