Lightsapp – a tool connecting contractors and companies in Australia and New Zealand

Lightsapp home pageLightsapp is an interesting tool online tool that is operating in Australia and New Zealand and connects professional professional IT contractors and companies  Lightsapp enables companies to gauge talent pools “available” to deliver on projects any-where and at any-time. Lightsapp can assist companies shortlist contractor skills matched with availability through their calendar feature so opportunity and time align.  This is a brief overview of this tool.

Lightsapp is well aligned with the “Future of Work” trends which are seeing more people and organizations choosing to work contingent, because they want flexibility on both sides, to move and shift as their situation changes.

Companies that deliver technical projects can now effectively manage their peaks and troughs resources with transparent and real-time access to IT skilled “talent pools”. This game-changing recruitment tool is creating a level playing field for contractors and employers, empowering them to negotiate directly by removing the “shroud of secrecy” of middle agents, saving cost and time and improving productivity!

We believe that the problem today is hiring companies cannot find the best and available contractor resources when they need them. LinkedIn is the best source for talent but it does not give visibility to Rates $ / Locations willing to work / Availability Dates. The time to fill is approx. 45 days for contractors in Australia and given that ICT has an 87/13 split of advertised contract to permanent roles this year it’s becoming a real problem (Source: ITCRA stats). Contractors are relying on agencies to find work and experience idle time waiting for the right opportunities. The traditional models* have Low efficiency and relative success rate of engaging the right people, with almost 67% failing to meet full term. Creating transparency and openness is the only answer to creating a real model of contingent workforce, where companies get a response just-in-time!

*Agencies & Job boards are the traditional “advertise for resume and respond” business model, which is passive and outdated.

Lightsapp supports good social practice by creating natural market forces to ensure the contractor is rewarded for their talent, we do not believe value is derived by encouraging a “race to the bottom” mentality as do other online job board style providers. Also the calendar feature functions as pipeline tool where they can expose idle time and build projects back to back, promoting better social behaviours by the sense of improved outlook of job security.

For more information, visit Lightsapp.

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