Lyft pays $12M to settle class action suit with California drivers 

Lyft AppFrom C-Net, Carrie Mihalcik reports that Lyft drivers will remain independent contractors although with some changes to the relationship.  In addition, Lyft agreed to pay $12 million to settle the lawsuit.  Carrie writes:

The changes to Lyft’s terms of service will eliminate the company’s ability to terminate drivers at will, Shannon Liss-Riordan, the attorney representing the drivers in the suit, said in a statement.  Lyft will also now pay for arbitration costs for disputes brought by drivers against Lyft for things like driver termination, ride fees and other employment related claims….

As part of the settlement, Lyft will also make some changes to its app.  The company has agreed to create an option that will let passengers designate “favorite” drivers, and the app will give drivers more information on potential passengers before they accept a ride request.

Read the full story at Lyft pays $12M to settle class action suit with California drivers

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