Maneuver revives independent contractor bill in Vermont House 

Vermont map

From VTDigger, Erin Mansfield reports that the Vermont House revived the independent contractor bill after it was thought to be dead.  Erin writes:

After nearly two months of procedural delays, the House is expected to discuss the controversial independent contractor bill Monday and could pass it as early as Tuesday.

Lawmakers decided unanimously Thursday in a voice vote to “relieve” the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development of the bill, H.867. The speaker of the House said it was dead three weeks ago, and the committee abandoned it last week….

H.867 is still in its original form. The bill says the definition of an independent contractor has six specific criteria. Current Vermont law says there are three nuanced criteria that make someone an independent contractor and that anyone doing the core work of a business must be considered an employee.

Read the full story at Maneuver revives independent contractor bill in House | VTDigger

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