Minnesota Governor Creates Committee to Study Rideshare Regulations and Vetoes Rideshare Legislation in its Current Form

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz vetoed legislation that would have established minimum compensation for independent contractor drivers for rideshare companies such as Lyft and Uber.
Governor Tim Walz today issued Executive Order 23-07, commissioning a study and convening a working group of drivers, riders, rideshare companies, members of the disability community, and labor to issue recommendations for rideshare legislation next year. The Governor also issued a veto of the rideshare legislation in its current form.

“Rideshare drivers deserve fair wages and safe working conditions. I am committed to finding solutions that balance the interests of all parties, including drivers and riders,” said Governor Walz. “This is not the right bill to achieve these goals. I have spent my career fighting for workers, and I will continue to work with drivers, riders, and rideshare companies to address the concerns that this bill sought to address.”

The working group, comprised of legislators, drivers, rideshare company representatives, members of the disability community, labor, riders, and others will continue working on this topic and issue recommendations for the next legislative session. The executive order also requires the Department of Labor and Industry to commission a study to obtain and analyze data related to the working conditions of rideshare drivers in Minnesota and how potential changes may impact access and cost for riders.

To allow time to find solutions that balance the interests of all Minnesotans, Governor Walz vetoed Chapter 65, House File 2369 as passed by the Minnesota legislature.

Source: Governor Walz Signs Executive Order Creating Committee to Study and Issue Recommendations on Rideshare Regulation, Vetoes Rideshare Legislation in its Current Form

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