Misclassifying workers can cause tax woes

From Cincinnati.com:

Advantages of hiring an employee

• The hourly wage for an employee is usually less than what you would pay an independent contractor or freelancer for the same work because you are providing job security.

• As a business owner you wear several hats. You can delegate tasks to an employee on a regular basis or shift responsibilities in an emergency, which allows you to focus on growing your business.

• Having a trusted and efficient employee you can count on can provide the comfort and assurance you need to take a vacation or be out of the office developing business.

Disadvantages of hiring an employee

• You are responsible for paying and withholding taxes (Social Security and Medicare) from your employees’ salaries.

• Even though many benefits are not required, employees may expect you to provide benefits such as training, healthcare and vacation.

You must have sufficient cash flow to cover payroll on a regular basis whereas independent contractors are paid by the project or service.

Advantages of hiring an independent contractor

• You are not required to pay taxes, employee benefits or commit to a salary when hiring an independent contractor. In addition, you aren’t responsible for maintaining their training and/or professional licenses.

• If you aren’t satisfied with the work an independent contractor performs you simply don’t hire them again.

• If you have an employee who doesn’t work out, you may have to terminate them which can be uncomfortable and at times problematic.

• Contracting someone with a specific skill or service means you don’t have to train them.

Disadvantages of hiring an independent contractor

• You have less control over how and when they perform their tasks because they are running their business their way.

• Independent contractors take several jobs for a variety of clients so you may not get the one you want when you want them.

• Copyrights are owned by the independent contractor, unless they agree and sign a contract that states otherwise.

Understanding the difference between an independent contractor and an employee, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each, will save you future headaches….

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