NC legislature approves law aimed at misclassification of labor 


From the News Observer, Lynn Bonner reports on the progress of  bill in the North Carolina legislature that would improve the enforcement of laws prohibiting misclassification.  Lynn writes:

An effort to police businesses that wrongly treat employees as independent contractors won legislative approval Thursday.

Under the proposed law, a section of the state Industrial Commission will take complaints from workers and coordinate with other agencies and district attorneys to make sure civil penalties are collected. The House approved the bill 104-0. It now goes to Gov. Roy Cooper for his consideration.

The proposed law is the outgrowth of a 2014 McClatchy series about employee misclassification. The articles highlighted problems that result from companies treating employees as independent contractors. Companies can avoid paying unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation or payroll taxes, and leave some workers without some employee protections.

Read the full story at NC legislature approves law aimed at misclassification of labor | News & Observer

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