How PwC and The Washington Post Are Finding and Hiring External Talent

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From the Harvard Business ReviewSteve King, and Carolyn Ockels discuss ways in which some companies are taking advantage of and engaging with highly skilled independent contractors.  Steve and Carolyn write;

A good example is PwC’s recently announced Talent Exchange. This online platform provides skilled independent professionals direct access to PwC teams seeking talent for their projects. This benefits the Big 4 audit, assurance, tax, and consulting firm by allowing it to tap and build stronger relationships with the growing numbers of highly skilled independent workers, who in turn benefit by gaining access to project opportunities that fit their skills and interests.

A key feature of PwC’s talent exchange is to develop and foster a long-term relationship between PwC and independent workers. Once registered and accepted, independent professionals are considered for roles that match their skills and experiences on an ongoing basis. They also receive project delivery scores after every assignment. The platform establishes their standing in the community and helps them network across the company for additional assignments.

The long-term nature of the Talent Exchange is a powerful benefit for both sides. PwC gains by establishing a pool of known external talent that it can confidently reuse as needed across the firm. Independent workers also benefit from exposure to more opportunities and less need to spend time networking and marketing their services. Both benefit from having a stronger, more direct relationship with each other.

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