R.I. Labor Dept. fines Mass. firm a ‘historic’ penalty for wage theft, misclassification of employees

From The Boston Globe, Amanda Milkovits reports that the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training fined a construction company for a number of wage theft violations including misclassifying workers as independent contractors. Amanda writes:

PROVIDENCE — The state Department of Labor and Training has fined a Fall River company $869,000 for wage theft, misclassifying employees, and falsifying payroll on three public works projects in Rhode Island, and referred the case to the attorney general’s office to review allegations of a kickback scheme.

This settlement with WL Builders, which includes penalties and wages owed to employees, is the second-biggest that DLT has had in more than decade, according to department records.

WL Builders is owned by Wallyson Domingues De Almeida, a Brazilian national who employed other immigrants, and he admitted to the DLT that neither he nor his employees had green cards or documents authorizing them to work in the United States.

Despite that, WL Builders was hired as a subcontractor on three multimillion dollar projects — Rhode Island College’s Horace Mann Hall renovations and additions, the Cumberland High School transitional building, and Cumberland Hill Elementary School — and paid employees far less than the law requires and misclassified them as “independent contractors,” according to a Feb. 16 decision signed by DLT hearing officer David Barricelli and adjudication administrator Suzanne O’Donoghue.

Read the full story at  R.I. Labor Dept. fines Mass. firm a ‘historic’ penalty for wage theft, misclassification of employees

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