What The Rise Of The Freelance Economy Really Means For Businesses

From Forbes

Where Is The Labor Market Headed?

As someone who has spent my entire career building disruptive labor technology,  I have become familiar with the movements in labor markets.  And there’s a big one happening now.  Here’s the course I predict in the next 2-4 years:

A independent contractor population continuing to grow as millennials face tough job prospects and often choose more flexibility in their life.

Retirees staying engaged in the workforce as freelancers with special knowledge

Independent contractor usage within enterprises will continue to grow exponentially as companies adapt to the changing workforce, and enjoy the benefits of a variable labor (efficiency in costs, etc)

Companies viewing freelancers as the third prong of a workforce approach (along with staff and temp workers).

Freelancer management solutions such as Work Market becoming standard expenditures within the enterprise.

Markets eventually consolidating and the companies building these systems IPO’ing, becoming absorbed into staffing firms, or becoming a target by enterprise software companies that recently rolled HR platforms into their offerings (See SAP ’s(NYSE: SAP) acquisition of SuccessFactors and FieldGlass and Oracle ’s (Nasdaq:ORCL) acquisition of Taleo)

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