How to Set up Your Freelance Business

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From Black Enterprise, Kandia Johnson offers advice for freelancers on how to set up a freelance business. Kandia writes:

If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, there’s a winning combination of tools, systems, processes, relationships, patience and hustle required to succeed. Check out a few actionable tips and resources below to help get you get started.

1. Define your ideal clients. Whether you’re a marketing professional, web developer, writer, accountant or handyman—you’ll have to get insanely curious about your ideal customer. Beyond basic demographics, what are your customer’s pain points? What problems can you help them solve? Where do your customers hang out online? What can you do to help make their lives easier? What benefits will your services provide for your audience?

2. Set up your business structure. What’s your formula for success? Do you have the systems and tools in place to support your business? Whether you’re looking to freelance part-time or full-time, freelancing is hard work. On any given day you can go from handling customer requests and troubleshooting technology, to managing invoices, updating your website and marketing your services. Having established processes in place can help  increase your productivity and maintain your sanity.

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