Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Freelance Career 

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From The Fiscal Times, Beth Braverman offers six factors to consider before you strike out on your own.  Beth writes:

So does it make sense for you to make the leap? Answer these questions to find out:

1. Are you good at working alone? Independent contractors often do live up to their name. If you enjoy the social camaraderie of an office, or aren’t great at holding yourself accountable for meeting goals and deadlines, freelancing may not be the best career path for you.

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2.How do you feel about accounting? In addition to providing services to others, when you’re a freelancer, you’re also in charge of bookkeeping for your business. While there are some great software programs that make this easier, it’s up to you to keep detailed records and receipts, not only so that you know how much the business is making, but also so that you’re prepared when it comes time to file more complicated freelancer taxes. Plus, you’ll need to set aside enough money to cover your tax bill, which is likely to be due on a quarterly basis.

3. Can you handle dealing with clients? Making your clients happy is the key to repeat business. In addition to providing the agreed-upon service, that may also mean biting your tongue if a client becomes critical or frustrating. Still, you don’t want to be a pushover when it comes to getting paid.

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