States Enact Legislation Having a Mixed Effect on ICs

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The Coalition to Promote Independent Entrepreneurs provides an outstanding report on state legislation in the first half of 2016.  The article announcing the report states:

Continuing the trend of recent years, independent-contractor status has remained a focus of state lawmakers during the first half of 2016. This continued attention has resulted in several recently enacted bills that will have a mixed effect on independent contractors and their clients.

Thus far this year, generally helpful bills have been enacted that clarify the independent- contractor status of workers in the on-demand/sharing economy and define important terms. At the same time, some states are moving in the opposite direction. A potentially harmful bill was enacted that urges a study to investigate worker misclassification, and it is uncertain how other new laws will affect the determination of an individual’s status. Click here for a discussion of each newly enacted law.

Source: States Enact Legislation Having a Mixed Effect on ICs

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