Stride Health extends freelancer health insurance program to Postmates couriers

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From Venture Beat, Mark Sullivan reports that Stride Health is offering health insurance to freelancers for some companies. He writes:

“Some 53 million people in the U.S. freelance for a living. And even in these days of Obamacare, finding good health insurance can be a challenge for them.

So the San Francisco health insurance marketplace Stride Health has announced a new partnership with the on-demand delivery service Postmates to help Postmates couriers quickly find affordable health insurance.

“Our recommendation engine is built from the ground up for freelancers,” Stride Health CEO Noah Lang said. “It’s a mobile-first web app that swiftly guides you to the intelligent coverage investment best suited to your life.”

Lang said Stride instantly predicts the insurance buyer’s total spend on health care for the next year, and matches plans with the buyer’s existing doctors. “We can get you covered in 10 minutes or less,” Lang said. Sixty percent of Stride Health’s sign-ups now happen on mobile devices, he adds.

“We’re stitched into the Postmates daily experience so they can log on to get covered on the go, or revisit Stride for guidance on using their plan at their doctor’s office, at the pharmacy, or even in an emergency,” Lang said.

Stride has already launched similar programs with TaskRabbit and Uber. Uber drivers, for instance, can go right to the Stride recommendation engine from their Uber driver app to buy insurance.

Stride says it’s also launching a referral program in which it will reimburse the insurance premiums of Stride members who refer friends to the service. Lang told me his company will pay for a month of insurance coverage for members who refer three new members, or for a whole year of coverage for those who refer 10 new customers….”

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