Stride Health – The Independent Worker’s Health Insurance Guide

medical assistantFrom Stride Health, Noah Lang offers advice for independent workers on purchasing a health plan.  Noah provides 6 tips, the first 3 of which are:

Tip #1: Learn the basics!

Don’t know how health insurance works? Not sure what “deductible” means? Check out this quick guide. In just a few minutes, you’ll be an expert on basic health insurance features, how doctor networks function, and more. Knowing this info will help you make smarter choices!

Tip #2: See if you have a qualifying event.

Open Enrollment (the time of year when you can sign up for health insurance) doesn’t start until November. However, there are many circumstances that allow people to buy a plan throughout the year. These are called qualifying events, and we have the full list of ’em here.

Tip #3: Consider a Health Savings Account (HSA)

An HSA is a savings account that can only be used for certain health-related expenses. Because you don’t pay taxes on the money you put into an HSA, it’s a powerful financial tool that helps you plan for the future and save money. Consider this: If you’re an average individual paying about 25% of your income in taxes, you can effectively stash away $100 in your HSA while only reducing your take-home pay by $75. That’s like getting $25 for free. Even if you have insurance now, check your plan – you can use an HSA to pay for many types of coverage, including employer plans.

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