The 15 Best Cities for Women Entrepreneurs in 2020

From Fundera, Eric Goldschein shares information about the best cities for women entrepreneurs. Eric writes:

The Top 5 Takeaways From the Rankings

1. The South and West reign supreme: States from these geographic regions were well-represented in the top 15, including Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington.

2. Tech hub Seattle takes the top spot: Seattle is a hub of innovation, and it’s also a highly skilled and equitable city for women entrepreneurs to make their mark. Keep in mind: This is also one of the priciest cities in the country.

3. Arizona and Florida are very woman entrepreneur-friendly: Three of the top 15 cities on our list are in the state of Arizona, and two of the top five are Florida locales.

4. California cities aren’t kind to women entrepreneurs: Some of the worst-ranked cities on our list were California cities (such as Riverside, Santa Ana, and Fresno), owing perhaps to their high costs of living and large earnings gaps.

5. In certain cities, female business owners outearn their male peers: Although on average, American women still earn $0.82 for every $1 American men earn,[1] there are some places where women business owners are outearning their male counterparts. That’s the case for three cities in our top 10: Paradise, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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