The 6 Freelance Work Models For All Organizations 

6 freelance work modelsFrom Forbes, Jacob Morgan discusses six models in which companies engage with freelancers — ranging from no freelancers to all freelancers. Whichever model a company chooses, it still has to pay close attention to how the workers are classified — as employees or independent contractors.  Jacob writes:

Right now there are perhaps more questions about the freelancer than there are answers. How can companies work with freelancers at scale? What impact will government rules and regulations have? How is this new breed of worker actually classified? What does this mean for full-time employment? How large is the freelancer economy? These are just a few of the things that I hear business leaders thinking about.

Regardless of how you chose to look at this space, it’s amazing that companies can now tap into top talent regardless of where they are in the world. What’s especially fascinating to me is how many large companies around the world are already working with freelancers, yet they don’t share that information with the public! Still, looking at various companies there appears to be a kind of segmentation that starts to emerge and I’m seeing organizations work with freelancers in one of six ways as depicted below.

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