The ultimate tax guide for freelancers

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From the Freelancers Union – Lindsay Van Thoen put together a guide for freelancers and self-employed workers that includes links to other source with additional information.  She writes:  


For first-timers and I-just-kind-of-fell-into-this freelancers:

How to set up your business and pay taxes

How to read your 1099 and other FAQs

7 Tax tips for first time freelancers

Sole proprietorship? LLC? S Corp? How to pick what’s best for your business & taxes


Also known as “the only good thing about self-employment taxes,” deductions help reduce your taxable income:

The ultimate tax deductions guide

Turn business start-up costs into your tax advantage

The skinny on home office deductions


April 15 is no longer the only date you need to remember. Most freelancers have to pay quarterly taxes — so you have to send a check to Uncle Sam on April 15, June 15, September 15, and January 15.

Quarterly tax guide

So you’re thinking about not paying your taxes…”

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