Uber plans to appeal Ontario gig worker ruling

From CP24.com, Holly McKenzie-Sutter discusses a recent case in which the Ontario Ministry of Labour said that an Uber courier was an employee and Uber was planning to appeal. Holly writes:

Uber says it intends to appeal a recent Ontario Ministry of Labour decision that found a Toronto courier was an employee, not an independent contractor as the company had argued.

The Feb. 22 decision from Employment Standards Officer Katherine Haire found several violations of the Employment Standards Act – and employment lawyers and advocates say the ruling sends a clear message on the issue of employment status that gig platform workers have long fought for.

Haire ordered the company to pay Uber Eats courier Saurabh Sharma wages he argued were deducted without notice last August, along with wages to make up for missing public holiday pay and minimum wage discrepancies, adding up to a total of $919.37.

The ruling also dinged the company for not allowing required breaks during all of Sharma’s shifts.

Uber spokeswoman Keerthana Rang said in an email Wednesday that the company will appeal the decision, indicating that the case is headed to the province’s labour board.

Ryan White, a lawyer who represented Sharma, said he would welcome the opportunity to argue the case before the labour board, which could set a precedent for future cases on the issue of employment status for gig workers….

Read the full story at Uber plans to appeal Ontario gig worker ruling | CP24.com

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