The Ultimate Guide for Freelancers and Small Businesses That Hire Them



From Small Business Trends, Matt Mansfield provides terrific guidance on how to work as a freelancer and how to hire them if you’re a small business.  Matt offers recommendations on a variety of topics including:

How to Work as a Freelancer

Whether you have a freelance business up and running or are just starting to dream, these tips will come in handy.

Am I a Freelancer?

Before you launch your freelance business, you need to decide if you are a freelancer, consultant or entrepreneur. This is not just a question of semantics:

Susan Reid breaks down these three words that many small business owners toss around. “Are you a freelancer delivering a specific set of services or a consultant providing expert advice? Or are you an entrepreneur creating a business that could be sold one day, if you chose to?”

If the answer is, “Freelancer” then you’re in the right place.

Are My Skills in Demand?

It may seem obvious, but if your skills are not in demand, your freelancing business will be in trouble from day one. Wondering if your skill will pay the bills? Here’s the latest report on top freelance skills in demand:

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