Why I Went Freelance 

From the Huffington Post — Lisa Borden writes:  “Now I am Executive Vice President of absolutely nothing. But the freelance life matches my personality. I have always been a bit of an outsider. So being a professional hired gun just makes sense to me. I was happy to trade bonus checks for bonus time. And apparently I have terrible car karma. So I was happy to skip the commute.

Now I have the luxury of time to do good thinking for a handful of great clients. Sure I miss big agency resources and some of the smart, creative, funny people I used to see every day. Sometimes there are too many projects at once and no one down the hall to help. Other times, there a long lulls between projects.

But these days I am relishing the work-life balance and trying to live a simple drama-free life. I bought a kayak that I use almost every day, getting some fresh air between conference calls….”

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  • Perspectives on the Future of Work: October 20th (odesk.com)

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