West Virginia House Passes Measure To ‘Clarify’ Worker Classifications

West Virginia

From WV Public Broadcasting, Dave Mistich reports that the bill that defines an independent contractor in West Virginia pass the House of Delegates. Dave writes:

The West Virginia House of Delegates has passed a bill making it easier for businesses owners to classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees entitled to benefits such as workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

Senate Bill 272 passed the House Wednesday on a 77-23 vote along strict party lines, with Republicans supporting the measure and Democrats opposed.

The measure would add into state code a section known as “the West Virginia Employment Law Worker Classification Act,” which seeks to clarify the definition of an independent contractor. The proposal would create a uniform test to determine how a worker would be classified under the law.

Read the full story at West Virginia House Passes Measure To ‘Clarify’ Worker Classifications | WVPB

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