10 Reasons To Start a Freelance Career

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From StartupHook, Panagiotis Semitekolos discusses ten (10) reasons to start a freelance career.  His first reasons are:

1. It’s Liberating

Being your own boss is a nice thing. Aside from the immediate perks (make your own dress code?), being able to operate independently puts you in charge of your ultimate success or failure in the role. The luxury of freely prioritizing tasks, and handpicking clients once you develop a steady base of them is a major advantage, especially when the alternative is having your daily operations directed by higher level staff.

2. Potential Reward

Freelancing can be a financially rewarding endeavor. Especially in specialized fields where your clients are bound to pay a higher fee for your services, allowing yourself to work free of any company constraints can lead to a larger paycheck than what might have been the case had you not left the day job.

3. Mobility

For some, this is a determining factor. In most cases, freelancers are able to move freely as they please, working from different locations across both their home city, or globally should they choose. The rise of the “urban nomad” has coincided with the prevalence of freelancing among millennials, and it’s no wonder why. The ability to travel while you work is a tempting proposition.

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