Report says 9% of independent workers use ‘on-demand economy’ platforms

Staffing Industry Analysts reports that a survey indicates that only 9% of independent workers use an on-demand economy platform.  This suggests that more than 90% of independent contractors are not involved with the high-profile media cases involving Lyft and Uber.  Staffing Industry Analysts state:

Only about 9% of US independent workers use an “on-demand economy” platform such as, Uber or others, according to data released Tuesday by MBO Partners. That equates to approximately 2.7 million people. These workers tend to earn less than other independent workers, but were still satisfied with their choice to join the on-demand economy, also known as the “gig economy.”

The data comes from the MBO Partners State of Independence profiling survey, which includes 1,109 responses from independent workers. The margin of error is +/-3%. MBO Partners provides back office services for independent consultants and contractor management services for companies.

Independent workers in the on-demand economy reported lower earnings than independents not using those platforms and marketplaces. The data shows 36% of independents using on-demand platforms reported earnings of $25,000 or less compared to 22% of independent workers not using such platforms. At the other end of the spectrum, only 17% of those using on-demand platforms reported earning $75,000 or more; that compares to 28% of independents not doing so.

Even when adjusting for age and experience, those participating in the on-demand economy earn less than other independents, according to the data. Still, 79% of independent workers using on-demand services reported they are either highly satisfied or satisfied…”

Read the full story at Report says 9% of independent workers use ‘on-demand economy’ platforms.

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