10 Reasons You’re Ready To Freelance Full Time 

man working from homeFrom Inc., John Boitnott discusses 10 reasons you might be ready to be a full-time freelancer.  In many surveys, the ability to work when you want and where you want are top reasons, as they are on John’s list.  Some of the reasons John has identified include:

1. You’re Self-Motivated

This is the hardest part of freelancing for many people. In a traditional job you are accountable to a boss. As a freelancer, you spend a lot of time accountable to yourself. You must have the drive and discipline to find new clients, stay on track with deadlines and collect on payments.
A lot of the successful freelancers I’ve seen were once bosses themselves, so they have the experience and knowledge to just apply it to their own work. In the competitive San Francisco Bay Area where I live, high levels of success often depend on just how much of a self-motivator you are.

2. You Value Dollars Over Benefits

Since employers don’t have to pay freelancers benefits or payroll taxes, they generally command a higher hourly rate than full-time employees. That means you have to have a plan to get health insurance on your own and it means budgeting to save enough to pay taxes come April.

3. You Value Flexibility Over Security

Freelancers have more flexibility to work on the projects they want and go about their work in the manner they prefer. On the flipside, since their income relies on always finding new clients or getting more work from existing ones, they can go from making lots of money to very little in a short time. You have to have a high tolerance for instability at times. Freelancing certainly isn’t for everyone….”

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