10 Ways Freelance Life Is Different Than a Day Job 

woman watching sunsetFrom the Huffington Post, Lindsey Kesel writes about the differences between a traditional 9 to 5 job and being a freelancer.  She offers 10 ways in which being a freelancer is different from traditional employment.  She writes:

“Here’s an abridged version of what life tends to look like when you’re your own boss.

1. You’re never really off duty.

Forget the sweet relief of punching out when five o’clock comes. You are your business, so wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ve always got to keep one foot in “on-the-clock” mode. That may involve answering emails on your phone at the gym, getting up before the sun for a conference call with a client in another time zone, or taking a time-out from Christmas dinner to pop open your laptop. But then again, it all means investing time in yourself, so it never feels like an inconvenience.

2. You may or may not get paid.

This is a difficult one to accept, but I’ve found that keeping a fear of not having checks roll in top-of-mind actually keeps me from picking the beach over my laptop many days. I’ve had some clients settle invoices within a few days, and others take three months, where I’ve had to use the phrase “legal action” to motivate them to pay attention to my invoice. It’s crucial to keep your savings well stocked to cover the “check is in the mail” clients as well as periods of slow work.

3. You have complete control of your work environment.

Yes, working in your pajamas is amazing. But it also makes it way too easy to crawl back into bed after a few emails are sent off. I make it a point to shower and get ready as if I were heading to an office, and sometimes I’ll set a start time for myself and hustle to get to a coffee shop so it feels a little more like I’m showing up for my business.

4. You can set your own hours.

If it’s a particularly beautiful day, I will rearrange my schedule to make sure I’m on the beach for a few solid hours. This may mean I’m on my laptop writing at night exhausted and sufficiently sun-kissed, but it’s still a hundred times better than spending my evening flipping channels….”

See the rest of the list and read the full story at 10 Ways Freelance Life Is Different Than a Day Job

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