4 Things Freelancers Wish You Understood

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From Fast Company, Michael Grothaus provides insights into what it is like to be a freelancer and the unique challenges freelancers face.  He identifies four critical items that freelancers which others would understand including the fact that they need to get paid on time (does that surprise anyone?).  Michael says respecting their work hours is the biggest thing freelancers wishes others understood.  He writes:


This is probably the #1 pet peeve among freelancers. It’s often hard getting our friends and family who don’t freelance to respect our work time. Just because we aren’t in an office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and because we work from home doesn’t mean we are always available. Yes, we love the benefit of being able to work on our own schedules–but we must keep to those self-imposed schedules if we want to finish our projects on time. That takes enough will power as it is, we don’t need others constantly tempting us to take off and “finish your work later.”

So please, when we say we are working, we are working.  Respect our time.

Read the full story at 4 Things Freelancers Wish You Understood

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