5 Things to Have in Place Before Hiring Freelancers

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From the Stamford Advocate, Peter Daisyme offers his recommendations on 5 things to have in place before hiring freelancers. Peter writes:

4. Set up paperwork.

Before beginning your freelancer search, you’ll need to have paperwork in place that will address all of the regulatory requirements for working with contractors. Make sure each worker knows the scope of the work, as well as the methods through which work should be transmitted to you.

You’ll need to have a completed W-9 form on file for each freelancer, as well as a bookkeeping process that tracks each dollar you pay for reporting to tax authorities. If in doubt, you should have a bookkeeper and HR expert review your forms, accounting processes and paperwork to ensure you’re above board with everything you’re doing.

In addition to setting up the required paperwork, there should be a compliance program to ensure that the freelancer, if begin paid as an independent contractor, meets all the federal and state requirements. You should also have a contract that includes a clear assignment of intellectual property rights, get a certificate of insurance from the freelancer and run a background check on your freelancer.

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